Straw and horses

you drink through a straw for the first time,

a new skill! Joy in watching.

A paper straw, we’re environmental folk.

I hope, when you grow up,

the heat waves and climate change

do not overwhelm

joyful learning.

I hope other species still share

joys with their young.

Your first day of childcare

was 45 degrees, too hot.

Wild horses died in the deserts.

You met your first horses at the beach cafe today,

then you learnt to use a straw,

sipping clean water, our fortune.

Perhaps your brain

will create neurons for sucking straws interlinked with thoughts of horses,

ignorant at this age

that we and the beach horses

are blessed to have homes away from heat.

Thrilling at every joyful new experience,

protected from apocalyptic events:

fights over water, mass coral death.

There were once thylacines,

I never knew them.

Joy remains for me, as it will for you.

I hope

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